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Sweatin’ With a Smile

By Emily Lyons Health and Fitness is a huge part of my life.  I love being active, but when I don’t have a goal it’s hard to get motivated to exercise.  I rotate through several different goals, like signing up … Continue reading

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Back to Basics

by Claire Mathias My original plan for this blog was to write having to plan for my son’s summer camps and a summer family vacation in February, when we haven’t even reached Spring! Next, having recently experienced some very rushed and frustrating days, … Continue reading

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Kent’s Newest Painting – Coming to an Auction Near You!

By Kent Burress Well, actually, Kent (our CEO) is on vacation this week, but I (Jan) am writing this post for him because we wanted to let you in on one of his projects. While on vacation, in addition to driving around in his fun car … Continue reading

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I’m Having Surgery!

By Jane Rose It’s not often you hear that sentence uttered with such glee.  But I’m truly happy to be having surgery on Wednesday morning to “get my foot fixed.” I’ve had problems with plantar fasciitis in my feet before, … Continue reading

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Ready to Go!!!!

by: Ann Jerome Well, the time has come for me to test my mettle. I ran my last “easy” run yesterday before the nice long one I will take as part of the Livestrong Austin Half-Marathon this Sunday, February 19th with 20,000 of my new running … Continue reading

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Re-booting Valentine’s Day

Participate in Generosity Day 2012 and Pass It On by Jan Gunter Today is Valentine’s Day, and we are joining Sasha Dichter at the Accumen Fund in rebooting Valentine’s Day as Generosity Day – a day as Sasha said, of … Continue reading

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The Pinterest Craze

by Jan Gunter Select one of the following that best describes you and write your answer in the Comments section below: a. I am addicted to Pinterest. b. I’ve looked at Pinterest, but haven’t done much with it. c. I’ve … Continue reading

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