Kent’s Newest Painting – Coming to an Auction Near You!

By Kent Burress

Well, actually, Kent (our CEO) is on vacation this week, but I (Jan) am writing this post for him because we wanted to let you in on one of his projects. While on vacation, in addition to driving around in his fun car and getting a February tan, and in addition to playing the piano and working on his deck and in his garden, he has been doing some painting. He is working on a painting for the Bandana Ball auction.

Kent Burress Painting, In process
Kent’s newest painting

While the actual Bandana Ball painting may be somewhat smaller than the one pictured here, it will be much like this one, and if you are there, you will have the opportunity to bid on it!

Kent's painting above Beverly's desk

Kent’s painting above Beverly’s desk

Kent loves to paint – and obviously has a great talent for it! We are excited that his painting in the Bandana Ball auction will help raise much-needed funds to help us continue to provide a comfortable place for families when their children are hospitalized.

So, buy your Bandana Ball tickets today, and get ready to bid! And the next time you see Kent, tell him thanks for sharing his awesome talents!

Jan Gunter

Kent's painting in his office at the Ronald McDonald House

Kent’s painting in his office at the Ronald McDonald House

Kent's painting above the conference table

Kent’s painting above the second floor conference table

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