Ready to Go!!!!

by: Ann Jerome

Well, the time has come for me to test my mettle. I ran my last “easy” run yesterday before the nice long one I will take as part of the Livestrong Austin Half-Marathon this Sunday, February 19th with 20,000 of my new running buddies. While I always have the children like Nicholas who is 4 and is battling Leukemia, and Raymond who is 17 and battling a very rare cancer of the muscles who stay with us at the Ronald McDonald House in my heart and mind when I run, this year there’s someone else I’m also focused on to make the miles even more personal.

Linda Morris, my RMHC colleague at the Atlanta RMHC Chapter, is battling Stage 2 breast cancer with once-a-week chemo treatments, surgery soon, and then radiation treatments that will end later this year.  It’s a tough regimen and she is working hard to balance her personal and professional responsibilities – handling them all with poise and grace.

Meanwhile, she is also continuing to keep up her Crossfit workouts going with her trainer and friend Eric in Decatur, Georgia to win this war.  She actually makes me tired telling me about what she’s doing to make sure she remains strong and focused on her overall health.

Linda is a wonderful leader in the world of Ronald McDonald House Charities, and through this battle she remains determined and positive.  So, I wanted to do something different with my fundraising that would inspire me when I’m running the course, make a difference for the children we serve at the Austin (and Atlanta) Ronald McDonald Houses, and  honor Linda’s strength and courage.

Check out Eric & Linda’s great photo on my fundraising page!

Please consider supporting my efforts – and Linda too – by making a donation to my Team Ronald page. This time around the funds that are so generously donated will benefit the families who rely on the Ronald McDonald Houses in Austin and Atlanta.

Thank you for keeping up with the happenings at the Austin Ronald McDonald House and Family Rooms. We love knowing you’re paying attention to us and running alongside us supporting the children and families we serve every day of the year!

And, one final shout out of  thanks to the Team 26 for 26 volunteers who will be all along the route this Sunday making sure the water stops are rolling and the course is safe.  Over 100 RMHC Austin volunteers will be at Water Stop 4 – can’t wait to see them!!!

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2 Responses to Ready to Go!!!!

  1. Derrick says:

    It’s great to see you purposefully pushing yourself physically and mentally as a tribute to those who are forced to push themselves to battle their illnesses.

  2. Jan Gunter says:

    Ann – what a great effort in honor of Linda – and Nicholas and Raymond and so many others battling cancer. I’m very impressed by Linda’s strength and focus during her treatment, and I’m impressed with your efforts on her behalf. Thanks for honoring her, and I’ll be out there cheering you on at Water Stop #4 on Sunday morning! Go Ann! Go Team Ronald!

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