Meet the Cast

Our hope is that this blog gives you a better understanding of the daily workings of our organization. From entertaining office stories to upcoming events and volunteer praises, we want to be an open book–a book that readers will interact with and get to know.

We want you to get to know us so that together we can serve families during some of their most challenging times.

Without further adieu, please allow me to introduce our cast!


Carolyn Schwarz: Executive Director
“I’m an inexperienced blogger, but I am getting better everyday!”

MissyStrittmatterdeskMissy Strittmatter: Development Director
“Blogging doesn’t scare me nearly as much as Facebook and Twitter.”

derricklesnaudeskDerrick Lesnau: Director of Programs
“All of my posts are going to be two lines long.”

clairemathiasdeskClaire Mathias: Donor Stewardship Manager
“I can’t think of a quote. Can I have my 10-year-old help?”


Lexi Riemer: Development Manager

 Paula Duke: Family Room Program Manager
“Life is short; eat dessert first.”

22 Responses to Meet the Cast

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  10. Great blog Ronald McDonald House! UT Austin would love to have your staff featured on a website called Wayfinder, where professionals can share how they got from their college major to current career path. You can write about your role at RMH and provide links to your blog and website! Check it out:

    • rmhcaustin says:

      Hi Brad – thank you for your comment and request to participate in Wayfinder. What a great concept and good website to help students find their way. I will share with the staff and encourage them to write about their professional journey.
      Jan Gunter

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  14. Anita Shelton says:


    This is an awesome site and thanks for sharing.

  15. Chris Carter says:

    Very excited for you guys!! Looks great so far.

    • Jan Gunter says:

      Thanks, Chris! I love the way everyone’s personalities are coming through. It’s a fun group-building experience for us as well. That’s a side benefit!

  16. Lo says:

    I think Derrick’s posts should be much longer than two lines! Congrats RMHC Austin – I’m having a blog launching party complete with girl scout cookies and lemonade for you in Oak Brook this morning!

    • rmhcaustin says:

      Well, thank you for the blog launching party in Oak Brook this morning! We’re honored. And Derrick will probably find enough content for at least 4 lines! And thanks for the great twitter support as well! – Jan

    • Jan Gunter says:

      Hey Lauren – Derrick actually wrote a very long post and had to cut it down! LOL We so misjudged him. (~:

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