I’m Having Surgery!

Yep, that’s where it hurts the very most!

By Jane Rose

It’s not often you hear that sentence uttered with such glee.  But I’m truly happy to be having surgery on Wednesday morning to “get my foot fixed.”

I’ve had problems with plantar fasciitis in my feet before, and it’s gotten progressively worse in my right foot over the last few months.  None of the treatments lately have helped, so I’m taking the big step (pun intended) of having it surgically taken care of.  I’m tired of being in pain.

Once I’m fully conscious again, I’m supposed to be walking at least 5 minutes out of every hour for the first day.  So it’s supposed to be a quick recovery.

It’s “just” an outpatient procedure, done endoscopically, and I’ll be under conscious sedation.  And it’s being done at a surgery center close to my home.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not nervous about it, and worried about what recovery will really be like.  Heck, if they’re going to be giving me pain meds, it’s not going to be a walk in the park! (again, pun intended)

But I’m thankful that my wonderful husband, Tony, will be there seeing me through this all.  From getting me there at 5:30 am, to waiting while I’m having it done, to getting me home and taking care of me afterwards…he’ll be there for all of it.  And I’ll be very grateful.  And I know how lucky I am to have his loving support as well as that of friends nearby.

When you search for a photo of “happy feet,” this is about all you find!

The Ronald McDonald House provides a place for families to stay so they can be close to their children while they go through their procedures and treatments.  Not that I’m as young as those kids, but I can imagine how relieved and comforted they are having their parents nearby when they’re going through something similar.

I’m glad to be a part of helping them feel better and hope I can continue doing so soon without limping around so much to do it!

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24 Responses to I’m Having Surgery!

  1. Phoebe Fry says:

    Seen it in athletes many a time, but never had it myself. I’m glad to still be in pretty good shape at 50, by God’s grace (and some hard work!)

    • Jane Rose says:

      Phoebe – your leaving me a comment really makes me feel loved. Thank you for that! I know you’ve always taken care of yourself and hope that helps you live a very long, happy and blessed life. I know I’ve been blessed to have you in mine as one of my truly forever BFFs!

  2. BeJo says:

    You will be up and at ’em again soon I’m sure. Foot pain is nothing to have to put up with if you don’t have to. Let Tony do things for you until you are back on both feet. I know nephew Chris can sympathize more than me, but you have my best wishes for a speedy recovery!
    Love you bunches,
    Your sister, BeJo

    • Jane Rose says:

      Hi Sis! Thanks for your love and good wishes. They mean the world to me! (and I hope you know that already). Love you in bigger bunches right back!

  3. Evelyn says:

    Quick recovery wishes and a smooth tomorrow!
    Happy to know you have wonderful support.
    Praying for you:)

    • Jane Rose says:

      Evelyn – I appreciate your sweet comment and prayers. As a new member of our “Volunteer Family” at the House, I hope you’re getting to see some of how your great work helps our families so much. We can’t do what we do to help them without the support of terrific volunteers like YOU!

  4. Denise Reneau says:

    Jane, I too wish you good luck with your surgery. I’ve had plantar fasciitis myself, so I have some idea of the pain you’ve experienced, but mine has been under control lately. Hope your recovery is swift, and that your feet will be happy again! Glad Tony will be there to help you.

    • Jane Rose says:

      Thank you, Denise! I don’t think I knew you’d suffered from this, too. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, so I’m glad to hear yours is under control. We can swap stories later. And yes, having Tony there for me the whole way means the world to me!

  5. Jeanette Cacciola says:

    Feel better and heal soon! Hugs to you!

    • Jane Rose says:

      Hugs right back to you, Jeanette! And thanks for all that YOU do for the Central TX SPCA to help the critters there find the right forever families to go home with and take care of them!

  6. Kelli Kelley says:

    We will be thinking about you, Jane. Our best wishes from Hand to Hold!!!!


    • Jane Rose says:

      Thank you, Kelli, for your good vibes. And thank you also for all that Hand to Hold does for the NICU families that you support! Y’all are awesome!

  7. Stephanie Malone says:

    Dear Jane,
    You have been nothing short of a miracle to the Ronald McDonald house and Dell Childrens, so I know that what you give you get back. Your surgery will go well. Hope you have a speedy recovery and I am glad your Hubby will be there to help you. Thank you for always being so kind and helpful. God Bless. -Steph

    • Jane Rose says:

      Stephanie – you are so kind. And your loving heart as a volunteer at the Dell Family Room makes such a difference there. Thank YOU for all you do, and or your best wishes. I really appreciate your sweet note, too.

  8. Steve Truesdale says:

    This Wednesday, huh? Well we are SO glad for you! Hopefully this will finally fix that pesky pain that has persistently pricked at your precious pedi’s… sorry, was that too much alliteration? Seriously, we’ll be praying for successfully surgery and that quick recovery they are telling you about. All our Love from NE…

    • Jane Rose says:

      Ooh, la, la! Lots of alliteration! Thanks very much for the smiles and all the love from the thawing (by now, I hope) midwest. Love back to you as well!

  9. Dawn says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recover

  10. rmhcaustin says:

    Nice job – I’m so glad this will help you. Here’s to a smooth surgery and quick recovery!!

  11. Paula Duke says:

    Best of luck with your surgery, Jane! I know it will go well and you’ll be good as new in no time. See you soon!

    • Jane Rose says:

      Thanks, Paula! I’ll take all the good vibes I can get to help. I’ll get you show you my “boot” next week – ooooh, ahhhh! =)

  12. Jan Gunter says:

    I’m glad you’re getting this done, Jane, and I pray you will have a marvelous outcome and that your feet will be happy feet again soon!

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