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By Rachel Hoffman My entire last semester of senior year at St. Edward’s University was measured by a countdown that I had on my computer. As each day went by, I was so anxious to get closer and closer to graduation. … Continue reading

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No small gifts

By Kent Burress It’s end of year fundraising time in a big part of the non-profit world.  Most of the organizations that aren’t already in the money raising mode are gearing up to join the fray.   On the board of  Animal Trustees … Continue reading

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Topic Conundrum!

By Claire I can’t decide on today’s topic. My ideas: Halloween. The obvious choice and as the parent of 8-year-old, I have plenty of material.  Cuteness, candy, and such. The arrival of autumn. Okay, not much material there, except for … Continue reading

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It’s a Small World

by Jane Rose Before this is over, I’ll have the song stuck in your head – just wait. In September, Tony and I went out to California for the Longhorns’ game against UCLA.  But we also gave ourselves three extra … Continue reading

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Feel Incredible Today!

“By Beverly Seffel” When I was at the Lower Colorado River Authority I had the honor of handing out funds donated by the employees to nonprofit organizations throughout Central Texas.  Today my roles has reversed, and I am now responsible … Continue reading

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When surgery becomes routine

By Missy Today I am writing my blog from home as my youngest sleeps off anesthesia from his third round of tubes.  Third time’s a charm they tell us.  It is amazing how different the third time is compared with … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs – How to Live Until You Die

by Jan Gunter Steve Jobs died yesterday, and I feel like we are experiencing a collective cultural sadness and joy. He changed our world with the Apple II (I remember that machine), the iMac (we have one at home), the … Continue reading

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