Help us win $10K today!

By Elizabeth McGuire


We don’t normally use our blog in this way but today we are calling on our friends and supporters to help us out!

United Heritage Credit Union is in one of the final rounds of the Social Madness competition and the prize is a $10,000 gift to a charity of choice. UHCU chose to donate the $10,000 to RMHC Austin and this gift could help us support countless families with children at Austin area hospitals!

The votes are counted using not only votes but likes, comments, shares, retweets, and favorites! Will you take a minute right now and do one (or more) of the following to help UHCU win $10,000 for RMHC Austin?

  1. Visit this link and vote for United Heritage Credit Union in the Medium category.

NOTE: You will need to log in, and you can do this with one of your social media profiles.

2.   Tweet or retweet one of our messages – @RMHCAustin or @UHCU!

SAMPLE TWEET: Help support @RMHCAustin ! RT and vote for @UHCU in #SocialMadness! If they win, the $10K goes to RMHC.

3.   Go to UHCU’s Facebook page and like, comment, or share their Facebook posts.

Or write your own post – something like this:

SAMPLE FACEBOOK POST: Hi Friends! Would you take a minute to vote for UHCU in the #‎SocialMadness competition? They are in the final four in the nation, and if they win, they will donate $10,000 to RMHC Austin! Please consider sharing this to help UHCU win $10,000 for Ronald McDonald House Charities! (~:

Thank you for helping us support one of our long time friends!

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