Enjoying Goodbye

by Derrick Lesnau

AS & Fam

You don’t often hear of people referring to a “goodbye” as inherently good. “Good” is spelled out in the word, but more often than not, a goodbye is associated with a sense of loss or separation, no matter how brief it may be.

Here at the Ronald McDonald House, some of my favorite moments occur when I am given the privilege of saying “goodbye” to families when they check-out before making the journey home. Families come into the office, grinning ear-to-ear, eager to show off their son or daughter to staff & volunteers and announce that they will be leaving the Ronald McDonald House. They are eager to share their joy with us.  These goodbyes are not accompanied by loss or separation, but instead are filled with happiness and celebration.

I’m not exactly the most touchy-feely guy around…..never have been. But I can’t help but get a little giddy when I see a family come to check-out after the many ups and downs they have experienced during their stay with us. It’s the best part of my job and I can’t imagine any other situation that would allow me to enjoy “goodbye” as much as I do at the Ronald McDonald House.


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2 Responses to Enjoying Goodbye

  1. Paula Duke says:

    Good stuff, Derrick! I agree, so happy too see families finally get to go home!!

  2. Kim Hibler says:

    Loved your blog about happy goodbyes! That has got to be one of the best things about your job and the service you provide.

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