Unleash Your Power to Share

My son, Brandon, with Ronald, 2004

My son, Brandon, with Ronald, 2004

by Ann Jerome

One of my RMHC buddies from Alberta, Canada said the nicest thing to me on the phone last week and it has captured my mind – he thanked me for helping him learn to “unleash the power of sharing” that has made a huge difference for him as a person and leader.  That was an “aha” moment for me because to me the power of sharing is the essential mission of the Ronald McDonald House Charities organization – we unleash the power of sharing every day in each community where we operate in order to help families of sick or injured children find strength and support.  Every day of the year on nearly every continent of the world, we give individuals, companies, and communities a wonderful place to “unleash their power of sharing” as they volunteer their time in the kitchen, help with projects or provide funding to support the organization’s operations.  Their collective power enables us to open our doors every day to welcome new families who have just received the heart crushing news of a child’s medical diagnosis, or are dealing with the suddenness of an accidental injury that requires hospitalization and time away from home, family, friends, school and work.

Brandon and me with Ronald in Kansas City

Brandon and me with Ronald in Kansas City

My journey within the RMHC mission began in 2001 in Kansas City. I like to think that I haven’t changed all that much, but the real test of time is when I look at photos of my youngest son, Brandon, who was not quite two years old at his first “official” RMHC event (when he was terrified of Ronald –yikes!) to a few months ago as a teenager when we visited the Ronald McDonald House on our trip to New York City. Thankfully, being with Ronald is old hat for him now – just a part of the fabric of his life story too.

Me, Ronald and Brandon at the Ronald McDonald House in New York

Me, Ronald and Brandon at the Ronald McDonald House in New York

After 13 years with RMHC – eight years as CEO of RMHC Kansas City and five years in leadership here at RMHC Austin – I have accepted a position as the Austin Area Director for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and I will begin my work there in August.

As I move forward on my own journey – which will forever be entwined with my time at RMHC – I will continue to create ways for folks to unleash their power of sharing to help those who need help and I will always treasure my time at Ronald McDonald House Charities.  It’s been a true joy and I look to a bright future with even more families and children being served by RMHC when and where they need it most.

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14 Responses to Unleash Your Power to Share

  1. Leslie Knowles says:

    Ann! Congrats on your new job, though forever I will associate you with our fun summer as Student Ambassadors for Memphis State and then running into you unexpectedly when you were with the RMH in Kansas City. How funny you recognized my voice … it must mean I talk a bit too much. You look great by the way!

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  3. Liz Piercy says:

    Ann — Congratulations on your new position!!! Please know we will miss having you on our collective RMHC team and thank you for always sharing your insights and ideas so we can all better serve families in need.

    Liz Piercy
    RMHC of Nashville

    • Ann Jerome says:

      Thanks Liz! I will so miss all of my RMHC leaders and buddies from around the system. Take care and keep doing great things in Nashville!! – Ann

  4. Love the photos of you and Brandon with Ronald through the years! You have been a fabulous leader and mentor, and we are all incredibly grateful for the way you have helped lead this organization. It is definitely through the power of sharing – which you do every day with every fiber of your being. We’re better for it!

  5. Bonnie Hopkins says:


    You will be missed not only by those chapters/houses in which you worked daily, but also by your RMHC colleagues around the globe!

    Best of luck to you in your new professional endeavors and I can’t wait to see you in October at the Chicago Marathon….you will be well rested by the time I make it across the finish line!

    Bonnie Hopkins
    RMHC Central Georiga

    • rmhcaustin says:

      Bonnie – thanks for reading and for your true words about people around the RMHC global system missing Ann!! And as for the marathon, you will be lapping most of the rest of us as we sit on the couch. Go Team RMHC!!

    • Ann Jerome says:

      Ha Ha Big Miles Bonnie!!!! I will miss you so much too. Keep doing great things in Macon and beyond. You are having a great impact on all the new CEO’s and Executive Directors…and, on Team RMHC of course!! See you in Chicago for a nice fall run!!!

  6. laurynott says:

    Awww Ann! I am so glad I got to work with you at RMHC Austin, you have no idea how much of an impact you made on my last semester of college! You inspired me when I was lacking creativity, made me laugh with your stories when I was stressed, and always made me feel at home at RMHC Austin. Congratulations, I wish you the best and thank you for being apart of my RMHC Austin memories!

    • rmhcaustin says:

      Thanks for sharing how Ann made a difference during your internship. Lauryn!

    • Ann Jerome says:

      Hey Lauryn!! You are so sweet – I love that you are connected to RMHC in San Antonio and that you enjoyed my ridiculous stories!!! You were such a pleasure to work with in Austin. I wish you much continued success!! Stay in touch!!

  7. Thanks for a great blog Ann & 4 reminding us all it’s about the power of sharing. Best of luck in your new role; life is all about the journey.

    • Ann Jerome says:

      Thanks Kim – You are the best!! RMHC-Austin will certainly miss your leadership on the Board. My best to you always!! Your biggest fan, Ann

    • rmhcaustin says:

      Kim, Thank you for your amazing support of Ann and all of RMHC Austin staff and families. You’re a real champion!

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