Cowboys & Bulls Kick Off the Summer

by Ann Jerome

Here I am with Rooster's dad, "Cowboy".

Here I am with Rooster’s dad, “Cowboy”.

I love the people I get to meet and support as they find creative ways to fundraise for RMHC-Austin. Memorial Day and the Annual Buckin’ Bull Bash mark the start of summer us. Each year, bull rider Rooster Norsworthy opens up his yard and bull arena to several hundred folks from all over LaGrange and Central Texas to come out and enjoy some great bull riding while supporting his favorite charity – Ronald McDonald House Charities of Austin and Central Texas.

Rooster 2013

This was my third year to spend the day out there with some of the best folks ever who love supporting the Ronald McDonald House and sharing stories of their connections to Rooster, and his neighbor, friend and right-hand man, Karl Johnson who put this amazing day together. It’s an all ages kind of day – check out Rooster’s dad, “Cowboy”, and me on the front row for the action. Oh the stories he can tell!

Cowboy & Ann 2013

For Rooster and the folks in LaGrange, it’s all about family – and helping children heal with their parents right by their sides. LaGrange is a town that is more than an hour away from Austin, and it’s heartbreaking to think of the stress that distance would cause a family if the Ronald McDonald House wasn’t here. This fundraiser means so much for the House and Family Rooms, so here’s a shout out to all of the event sponsors and volunteers who make the whole event possible.

The bull-riders are super competitive – check out bull-rider Michael Earl from Pflugerville who won the Junior Division. He won one of the awesome Buckin’ Bull Bash belt buckles  

 2013 Belt Buckle                                                  

 – complete with RMHC logo on it too. And, let’s be clear the kids in the audience get to do their fair share of cowboy training too with the mutton busting and calf scramble and kids running everywhere.  So fun, and wouldn’t you know that Rooster’s granddaughter won the calf scramble!

Calf Scramble Winner Granddaughter 2013 

Thanks Rooster and everyone in LaGrange for making something big happen for so many families who need the Ronald McDonald House and Family Rooms.

Hope your summer is off to a great start – stay safe!!

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One Response to Cowboys & Bulls Kick Off the Summer

  1. Love these photos of the cowboys in LaGrange. And even more I love their sustained support for families with hospitalized children. Thanks for hanging out with Rooster and Karl and all our friends in La Grange every year on Memorial Day, Ann!

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