School’s out for summer (almost)! Are you ready?

by Claire Mathias

I’m not sure I’m ready for summer, y’all! Here are just a few things that I’m fretting about:

  • Sweet CarolineNow that my kiddo is a little older, he can bike to friends’ houses in the neighborhood. Will he remember to wear a helmet? Will he watch for traffic?
  • Now that most of his friends are ten, they can swim unsupervised in many pools. In July, he turns ten. Can he keep from getting carried away in the pool? Will he watch out for the smaller kids?
  • Now that the temperature frequently reaches 90 degrees, 100 degree days are just around the corner. Will he remember to drink plenty of fluids?

(I’m a natural born fretter, so the list is actually much longer. Lucky for you, there isn’t space enough for that.)

Safe Kids LogoIn preparation, I’ve been looking at the SafeKids website. (This is an odd experience for me, because I worked with the SafeKids group when it was founded in DC in 1988 by a Children’s National Medical Center ER physician. Gee, my son wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye at that point!) After a quick perusal of their “Safer in 7” tips, I better understand – and can address – my concerns, and have even identified the one of my top sources of concern (it’s #7, distractibility on the part of my son and others).

SafeKids AustinBe sure to check Dell Children’s local SafeKids site as well. In fact, ALL parents, grandparents, older siblings and caregivers, no matter how prepared you think you are, I urge you to check these out, and “like” one or both groups on Facebook for regular reminders.

clayton hospUnfortunately, accidents do happen. Do you remember the Smeltzer family? When their son Clayton was hit by a truck, doctors needed to remove much of Clayton’s skull to alleviate the pressure. In addition, they needed to keep Clayton in an induced coma for seven days. Nineteen total days in the hospital. Throughout, the Ronald McDonald House was here for the Smeltzers as we have been and will be for thousands of families who need the respite and care that we provide in this home away from home.


Clayton Smeltzer had a full recovery and is a happy, active boy.

But here is something awesome. The Smeltzers can look forward to a summer filled with bike riding, and swimming, and maybe even a few snow cones to quench their thirst.

Snow cones….. yum!

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2 Responses to School’s out for summer (almost)! Are you ready?

  1. Thanks, Claire! It also reminds me of the Meet the Digits video – where Lucy fell from her favorite tree and ended up in the hospital. If you haven’t seen that RMH video, check it out here:

  2. UTRose says:

    Awesome post, Claire! Great info and reminders that ALL of us need to be especially careful during the summer time and watch for others who might not always be as careful as they should while they’re having their “hot fun in the summertime!” =)

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