Summer Opportunities

By Paula Duke

Ahhhh…..summer! It’s just around the corner, you know.  Hard to believe? It really is. It’s already the middle of April, which, said differently, means it’s almost May.  That last day of school bell is getting closer and closer. school bell

Grab any school age person and I’d be willing to bet they can tell you exactly how many more days are left!  Of course for our college age friends, it’s even closer!

Opportunities for the summer are endless. Sleeping late is probably everyone’s favorite (I know it is mine!) Then there’s vacation time, friend time, pool time, mall time, and lots and lots of social time.

I want to throw out another opportunity for you to think about as well –  volunteering! We love volunteers of all ages, but I’m specifically talking right now to my college and high school friends.  Need service hours for NHS or another school organization? Coming home from college for the summer? Think you may be interested in a medical career or nursing school? Or do you just want to give back to the community?RM-Family-Room-Logo

New with our Ronald McDonald Family Rooms this year is the Summer Volunteering Program.  It includes 8-9 weeks of volunteering in one of our Family Rooms in any of three local hospitals. Just think about it – four to eight hours a week will get you much closer to your goals, AND you will leave with not only a great feeling of giving back, but also experience that will be helpful in deciding your next steps.

We offer a couple of shift choices.  Like to get up and get going?  Our first shift is 9-1. Rather get some beauty sleep? Our afternoon shift is 1-5.   For our college age friends, we also have an evening shift, 5-9.  Want to volunteer with a buddy? Even better!

You may still have some questions, and trust me, I have all the answers 😉  To read more, go to our website and once you’re convinced, just fill out our volunteer application. On it, indicate that you’re interested in our Summer Volunteer Program, and that’s all it takes to get started!

volunteer nowThe Summer Volunteer Program starts the week of June 10th for our high school candidates, but our college age friends may start sooner if desired. Students must be 15 before June 1 to qualify for this program.  Applications are due by May 15th at the latest, as our hospitals require additional paperwork.

Here’s hoping you have many exciting opportunities in store this summer! And if you’d like to help our families during a challenging time, consider our Summer Volunteer Program.

We hope to see you around this summer!

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