First Friday Dinners!

by Paula Duke

Fridays are fun all by themselves. But the first Friday – well, that’s even better.  It just takes a regular Friday, and kicks it up a notch.  I hope you’re ready 🙂

That’s what we’re doing with our newest program,     First Friday Dinners – we’re taking our already great Family Room program, and kicking it up a notch. Doing something extra. That is, our sponsors are doing something extra.

On the First Friday of every month, we will have a fantastic dinner provided for any of the families that use our Family Room at Dell Children’s Medical Center. Our families won’t have to leave the hospital. Heck, they won’t even have to ride the elevator down to cafeteria. And even better, they won’t need their wallets.  Our generous sponsors are footing the bill. How’s that for extra??

We kick it all off tomorrow night with Pok-e-Jo’s BBQ! They are our very first sponsor of this newest program.  And we have many more fabulous sponsors lined up as well! Just to name a few, our guests will be fed by the likes of the InterContinental Stephen F Austin Hotel, Super Shuttle, Four Seasons Hotel AustinMama Fu’s Asian Houses, and Papa John’s Pizza.  Now you’re hungry aren’t ya?!  What a treat for our families!!

Of course we still have our 2nd newest program – Adopting the Family Room.  That program provides snacks for a month to our Family Room.  Groups large and small can sign up for that program.

I hope your First Friday has a little extra kick in it! And when you do business with any of our fine sponsors, please give them an extra thanks for us!

If you’d like to find a way that you can help our families, check out our webpage – it’s full of ideas!

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One Response to First Friday Dinners!

  1. UTRose says:

    You’re always kicking things up at the Family Rooms, aren’t you, Paula? Thanks for getting such a great program going. I look forward to hearing about the great meals that get provided! Thanks to all of our sponsoring businesses for making this possible!

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