Life goes on.

by Kent Burress

There have been times in my life – and my guess is in yours as well – when you were so devastated or so elated that it seemed almost inconceivable that the world did not come to a crashing halt and share the experience with you. We see those moments here at the Ronald McDonald House. Those terrible hours and days after a diagnosis that is going to forever alter the course of life for a family. The joy beyond words when a family hears the word “remission” or “cured” or when they carry their newborn baby home after weeks in the neonatal ICU. We are here to share those experiences with our families – good or bad.

Of course there are a lot of experiences in between those two extremes that we share with our families as well. I was reminded just a couple of days ago how important it is to celebrate even the small victories. This morning I celebrated one of those victories with a mom when she told me that today her seven year old might have her NG tube removed – and get to have a Popsicle. An NG tube is that tube that makes its way through the nose and down into the stomach. Having had a couple of those tubes in the course of my life, I know what a happy day it is when that gets removed – with or without the Popsicle reward.

Today I am sure you have had some victories – large or small – and I wonder if you took time to celebrate them. If not, stop reading this right now and celebrate the wonder of this day – and of victorious you!

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