Adoption and Rice Krispy treats

By Paula Duke

I want to talk to you about adoption.  In fact, I want to convince you that it’s a good idea.  I’m sure you’re wondering, adopting what exactly? A baby?  A rescued pet? No, no.              A Family Room!!RM-Family-Room-Logo

Our Family Rooms are located inside of 3 local hospitals, St. David’s Medical Center, Dell Children’s Hospital, and St. David’s Women’s Center.  They are a place where families can come, inside the hospital, to find a moment of peace, eat their lunch, and then go right back in to see their child.

During the most recent holidays, the Family Room at Dell Children’s hospital was very lucky to have been adopted twice.

In October, we were graced with the generosity of a family. This family knows the value of our Family Room first hand, having used it twice before. This was even their second time to adopt our room.  They collected items at work, asked for donations instead of birthday gifts, and collected from neighbors and friends.  Every week they showed up with goodies to support our families, just like they had been supported when they were here.

kleinfelderWe are also especially grateful to the local branch of Kleinfelder, for adopting the Family Room in December. Their office was also quite creative in raising funds, doing things like selling root beer floats in the break room (yum!). This group participated in our Lights of Love 5K (raised $780!)  AND – they also come over to the House regularly to cook meals for the families staying there. I can’t say enough about this fantastic group, and we certainly can’t thank them enough.

It’s hard to imagine unless you’ve been there. Sitting at the hospital day in and day out. Sure, you get a meal from the cafeteria, snacks here and there from the vending machine. But what’s priceless is the look on a guests face as they browse our stash of snacks and find THE thing that they need.  It could be a rice krispy treat, a bag of veggie chips, a granola bar, or a bag of trail mix.

“Oh, that sounds good. Thank you!”

I can tell you as a person that has helped a guest find that perfect snack, it can make your day. It’s the little things in life, isn’t it?

Our Family Rooms are much like our House – a place to rest and relax. A place to have a snack, watch tv, or connect with other families that are going through something similar.  Each piece is important. Rice krispy treats are important! (yea, yea, I know, but would you have kept reading if my title was “Adoption and Veggie Chips”??)

Adopting one of our Family Rooms by bringing in a load of snacks, juices or water doesn’t seem like it would be that big of a deal. Trust me, it’s a big deal!  Our families are very, very appreciative.

If you or your company would be interested in adopting a Family Room, visit our website, or contact me for more information.  And bring us YOUR favorite snack!

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