FedEx Cares!

Wow!  Look at all the purple bags!

Wow! Look at all the purple bags!

by Jane Rose

In October, we were paid a visit by a terrific team from our Austin FedEx offices.  As part of a competition they were involved in, they generously had put together a very large donation of items from our wish list.  They had collected $680 and were able to provide us with over 2,000 items!

Kelly Buckner of FedEx, the team captain for this project, said, “We selected Ronald McDonald House Charities of Austin because we wanted a project that would help families and also bring our own local FedEx ‘family’ together.  Having families of our own, we can relate to the need for this organization and it is comforting to know that this organization exists if any of us ever had the need of the facility.  We are thankful to Ronald McDonald House charities for those families that they have helped and continue to help every day.”

Yes, they do!!!

Yes, they do!!!

When the competition ended, their efforts ended up winning them an additional $750 that they so kindly donated to us as well.

That's a big check!  Thank you!

That’s a big check! Thank you!

We are grateful to everyone who finds a place in their heart to help us out, but there’s nothing like some good competition to help make a big difference for the families who need us!  Thanks so much to all of FedEx employees who participated, and in this especially busy time of year for them, we hope their holidays (and yours) are very merry and bright!

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One Response to FedEx Cares!

  1. rmhcaustin says:

    What a great story of generosity and support for families with ill or injured children. Thank you, FedEx!

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