Candy canes and fudge and cookies, oh my!

This bacon fad has gone too far!

by Claire Mathias

Lime Meltaways from Martha Stewart. Super versatile. Use orange, or lemon, or even (gasp) fresh chopped basil!

This is the time of year where there will be sweets wherever we look. It starts with an innocent candy cane. Next up, peppermint brownies and lime meltaways (thank you Martha Stewart!). Last but not least, my mother’s fudge, which sits smack dab in the middle of her kitchen. Seriously, how to resist? (However, I do think I would be able to resist the bacon candy canes pictured above. My curiosity does not go quite that far.)

So, it does seem to be a sweet irony that my son goes in for his semi-annual dentist check-up this week. I’m hoping they give him a little talking to about watching out for those sugar bugs and why we do not crunch our candy canes!

Lucky kids. I wish Dr. Watts could be my dentist too!

It wasn’t so long ago that my son was terrified of going to the dentist. But now, he LOVES going. He has been a patient of RMHC’s good friend Dr. Danny Watts and his team at the Pediatric Dental Professionals for several years now. And there are few key reasons: 1) they really hung in there with him during those first challenging visits; 2) everyone on staff – and I mean everyone – is truly nice and sincerely caring (children know when they are being patronized by adults); and 3) last but not least, it is a darn fun group that creates a sense of family for the kids and their parents.

The Pediatric Dental Professionals are long-time participants in our annual Lights of Love event. They make it fun for everyone around them. And this year, they did something that will be unforgettable and a hard act to follow next year: they made a group “Gangnam” video. You MUST watch it. With full screen. My son and were falling on the floor laughing, because really, how often do you get to see a respectable and respected health professional dancing around in tights?

So, beware of too many sweets and if you come out for Lights of Love on December, watch for the Pediatric Dental team. They’ll be hard to miss.

Lights of Love Pediatric Dental Professionals

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2 Responses to Candy canes and fudge and cookies, oh my!

  1. tammy pierce franklin says:

    LOve your post…I am a former employee of Dr. Watts! I truly love the man and I loved working in his office helping with all his patients! His staff are a great group of ladies who really care about the children and making sure that they have fun while taking care of their teeth!!!

  2. Jane Rose says:

    LOVE your post! Not so much the bacon candy canes. Seriously? Eww! Looking very much forward to seeing Super W’s team at Lights of Love this year. Their video is pretty awesome!

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