High School Students Show their Generosity

by Lauryn Ott, Intern

Last week we were surprised by a donation from a group of young donors. A team of six high school students from the Summit Christian Academy in Cedar Park brought 30 buckets filled with supplies for our guest rooms at the Ronald McDonald House.

The students chose to donate to RMHC Austin for their “serve day” this month. On “serve day” teams of students travel around Austin and Cedar Park to help give back to local nursing homes, firehouses, and other nonprofits. Before they visited us, they stopped at Dell Children’s Medical Center to make a donation.

Each bucket contained items that our families use on a daily basis, such as toothbrushes, dish soap, hand soap, Ziploc bags, and more. The pre-school children attending Summit Christian Academy were in charge of putting the buckets together for the upperclassmen to deliver.

Summit Christian Academy Dare to SoarIt is quite a sight witnessing a generous group of students giving back to their community. They live up to the motto on their school website, “Dare to Soar”. Thank you to the kind students as well as the Summit Christian Academy, and good luck in your future endeavors!

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