Graduations come and go, but family is FOREVER

By Lauryn Ott, Guest Blogger

RMHC volunteers

That is me in the middle hanging out with my volunteer buddies on the recent Tempur-Pedic Donation Day!

Graduation: it is the moment we have been dreaming of since we registered for that first semester of college. For me it has felt like a century, but at the same time it has arrived in the blink of an eye. It seems like only yesterday my parents were giving me a kiss goodbye and leaving me in a closet-sized room surrounded by boxes of my belongings. Now I am two months away from beginning my journey into the “real world”.

As students we are told that we will be on our own and will have to be quick on our feet to try and keep up in a wavering economy. Even in the midst of all of these huge changes and scary realizations, I remember how one thing will never change – my family. I know that there will always be at least four people who care for me and are rooting for me to succeed.

My Family

My beautiful family: Eric (brother), Ruth (mother), Bill (father), Krystine (twin sister)

I have a mother who will hold me when I am sad, wipe away my tears and give endless hugs and kisses. I have a father who will continue to be my number one fan, scare away the monsters and share his infinite wisdom with me. I have a brother and a sister who will hold my hand as we grow up and remind me to take a step back and run through the sprinklers every once in a while! No matter what may come I will always have that support system telling me how proud they are of me.

Interning at RMHC Austin has taught me a lot about family. We see families walk through these doors with the weight of the world on their shoulders. I have seen the faces and read the stories of the lives that have been changed while staying at the Ronald McDonald House. The staff and volunteers go above and beyond to make the families feel at home and there will always be a smiling face to greet you. The House reminds me so much of my own family because it will always be there to offer a warm, safe, and loving place to stay. Even when the world seems dark there will always be a light on, welcoming you to the Ronald McDonald House.

Lauryn Ott is a senior public relations major at Texas State University-San Marcos. She is currently an intern at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Austin and Central Texas.

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10 Responses to Graduations come and go, but family is FOREVER

  1. beverly erben says:

    proud of you, lauryn! your heart is in a good place!

  2. Shmem says:

    I love this, Lauryn! Don’t forget, you’ll always have me too =) You’re such a hard worker and I am so excited that I can be there to watch you walk the stage and jump in that river!

  3. This is beautifully written and so true! Thank you for interning with us this semester and investing your time and energies on behalf of our families.

  4. Jane Rose says:

    Yep, the world is a big, hairy place, but it is good to know you always have family there for you, isn’t it? Beautifully put! And you’ll also learn that you’ll have dear friends along the way that will become a second family for you. That’s one of life’s nicest surprises!

  5. That is so awesome Lauryn! You are a real treasure to us here at the office and I know to your family too. Can’t wait to celebrate your graduation with you!!

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