I Keep Coming Back to RMHC

Guest Post by Katie Stotts

TMLT Volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House in Austin

Our volunteer crew after we cooked dinner for the families at the Ronald McDonald House. I’m sitting next to Ronald.

I seem to keep coming back to the Ronald McDonald House. My first and second experiences with the Ronald McDonald House happened completely independently of each other, about 5 years apart. Going to college at Southwestern University, I joined a sorority whose philanthropy centered around working with the House in Temple. I visited a few times, cleaned a few things, but never really got involved as much as I would have liked. Maybe being a nineteen-year-old girl with a full class load, an active social life, and let’s be honest — a bit of selfishness that goes along with being nineteen and figuring out life—had something to do with it, but I still have regrets.

This past year, I got my chance to volunteer for the House again.  Each year, our company, Texas Medical Liability Trust (TMLT), names a “Team of the Year”: a group of employees chosen to plan events and spearhead our community service efforts. I got the honor of being on the team, along with six other passionate and hard-working friends at TMLT.  Before this year, we had amazing involvement from employees with a myriad of charities, but it was difficult to get everyone behind one cause. So we sent out a survey and realized Ronald McDonald House Austin was something that everyone wanted: a local organization that does great things for kids and works with those who need medical help (which makes sense with our line of work).

TMLT goes Casual for a Cause on Wednesdays

Our Casual for a Cause on Wednesdays has been wildly popular. Employees “pay” for the privilege of dressing casually. We donate the money to RMHC Austin.

TMLT employees collected spare change to donate to support our families.

It’s surprising how much money we have raised just by asking our employees to donate their spare change.

The response this year has been unbelievable. With everything from spare change to employees paying for casual dress Wednesdays with the money going to charity, the money and the love for Ronald McDonald House have just poured in.  For those who wanted to donate time, we set up a day to cook for the families, and plan on coming back to the House with a cleaning crew soon.

It’s hard for me to tell a story about why the Ronald McDonald House has made such an impact on me.  As a young single woman I have no kids, no one sick in my life that would need the help that RMHC Austin provides in incredible amounts. I can only imagine what it would be like to go through what those families experience every day as they hope and pray that the biggest blessings in their lives are going to turn out all right. Maybe that is why I love what Ronald McDonald House does so much. Because I can only imagine.  They think of things that others might not, help families that would usually have to sustain themselves through difficult times that you can’t truly understand until you’ve lived it.

TMLT employees cook for families at the Ronald McDonald House

We sure enjoy cooking for the families at the Ronald McDonald House!

A lot has changed since I was first introduced to Ronald McDonald House, and in fact, I’m far busier than I was at nineteen. But I have the backing of one hundred and sixty or so amazing co-workers every day who are willing to help RMHC, so our job is easy in comparison to the incredible work that RMHC does. And I can only imagine, if someday I were to need the Ronald McDonald House in my own life, I’d be just as amazed at how much good they would still be doing for families.

About Katie Stotts:

Katie Stotts works as a Communications and Advertising Associate for Texas Medical Liability Trust (TMLT), a not-for-profit health care liability claim trust. She also has a local photography business called L Photo. Katie was born in Austin, Texas and found her way back here after many years away. Her favorite experience with Ronald McDonald House has been cooking a meal for the families.

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5 Responses to I Keep Coming Back to RMHC

  1. Jane Rose says:

    Katie – thanks for your great story, but thanks even more for your history of involvement with us and helping organize TMLT to do great things with us this year. We love having y’all volunteering here – everyone’s love and caring is always VERY obvious!

  2. rmhcaustin says:

    TMLT is a model of company-wide engagement on behalf of RMHC Austin. Thank you for volunteering and donating and making a big difference for the hundreds of families we serve! We love TMLT!

    Thank you for sharing the TMLT/RMHC Austin story, Katie!

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