Beauty Rest

By Paula Duke

When it’s my turn to blog, I always wonder in the days preceding what I’ll write about. Do I have anything meaningful to say?  What will hit me and make me want to share?

The virus hit us HARD!

Well, something hit me alright!

You see, my family has recently had the displeasure of hosting a stomach virus at our home.  If you haven’t been part of one recently, let me remind you (short of the gory details), it’s not pretty!!  And in a family of six, it doesn’t get any prettier with each time it passes to the next person.  I wasn’t sure I could blog about throw up – in fact, I called a friend (and expert blogger) and asked her specifically if I could write about this topic. (Obviously she said yes!)

We first started on Friday.  Then like dominoes they fell – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday….one after the next.  None of them, or me, getting any rest, much less the beauty kind.  Mostly because children don’t throw up during the waking hours. 

They only throw up in the middle of the night.  I can’t explain that, but it’s true.  Sometimes the little darlings wake me up to tell me that they’ve thrown up, but don’t need anything and are going back to bed.  Sweethearts. 🙂

So by Thursday, we had muddled through the week and I sat at the House, writing about throw up, and watching 8o amazing volunteers take out old beds and bring in new ones as part of a mattress refresh project.  It was an incredible day here at the House and so many wonderful things happened.

And then just after lunch the text I’ve been dreading comes in – we’ve successfully shared the love with the babysitter. Sharing is caring, after all!  Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Thank goodness the Ronald McDonald House has quiet rooms where people can rest.  One thing our families don’t have to worry about is having a place to lay their head at night to get some much needed downtime.  And as of last night, all 30 rooms are getting their beauty rest on brand new Tempur-Pedic beds!!

To read more and see pictures of this amazing day at the House, click here!

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One Response to Beauty Rest

  1. Jane Rose says:

    Sorry to hear y’all have been buggy but glad to know things are better now. Don’t save any germs for me, okay? =)

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