An A-“Maze”-ing Revelation

by Jane Rose

Monica Williams of Giving City wrote about this experience and it rang very true for me, so I wanted to share it.  Thanks, Monica, for letting me use your words.

In a nutshell, she was part of a class through Leadership Austin in which they participated in an interesting exercise.  They were taken outdoors for some games.  Monica wrote, “At one point we were taken off the trail. They blindfolded each of us and led us to a maze. There were ropes tied to trees, and we had to hold on with our right hand and follow them out of the maze. If we needed help, we could raise our hand.  Help? It’s a maze in the woods! I don’t need any help. “Blindfolded with thoughts to myself, holding on to a rope, ducking through trees, stumbling along at a fast pace…. I thought I was doing great. No problem.  But it was taking forever. “And yet I kept going. For a long time. Finally, kind of bored with the whole thing and ready to move on, I raised my hand and asked for help. Someone came over and lifted my blindfold. Nearly everyone else was finished, standing over to the side quietly. Looking at me. That was it:  Asking for help got you out of the maze.” Monica went on to write about how this changed her entire outlook on things, and it made me do the same.  Why NOT ask for help?  I’m trying to remember that and ask for more help myself.  It really can make life better. One of my favorite volunteer-related quotes is, “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.”  We often raise our hands around here asking for volunteers to pitch in to help with all sorts of things.  Only through our great volunteers’ help are we able to accomplish our mission of helping our guest families be there for their ill or hospitalized children. If you aren’t yet a volunteer at our House or Family Rooms, consider this me raising my hand to ask for your help in these ways.  We need more great volunteers at all of our locations!

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4 Responses to An A-“Maze”-ing Revelation

  1. Ann Jerome says:

    So true!!! I’m amazed at how many people respond to our hands raised for help.Thanks to some wonderful volunteers for reaching out to make a difference.

  2. Thanks for working hard to keep all of our many volunteer positions filled, Jane!

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