Hot, hot, hot!

by Claire Mathias

As I write this, it is 102 degrees with an expected high of 107. And the rest of this week?

     Wed: 106!!      Thurs: 103!      Friday: 102!     Saturday: a refreshing 99!

As a sign of what the heat is already doing to my brain, when I think hot, hot, hot, my mind immediately goes to Elmo’s “Hot, Hot, Hot!” dance number. Seriously! And my son has been out of the Elmo stage for more than a few years now. But, I have to admit, as much as Elmo could drive me crazy, there were some songs that I absolutely loved, and just thinking about them brings me back to when the kiddo was funny and crazy. Oh, wait, he still is!

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, right. It’s hot! Too darn hot!

Which means that after I pick Joseph up from camp, he will need to do something to get his wiggles out. I could put on some Elmo and invite him to dance, but I’m fairly sure he would decline.

He will get some wiggles out when he practices his Kung Fu. (And this where I insert my mommy bragging: he won a gold medal in his age group at a local tournament with a score of 9.25, and was invited to the big statewide tournament! He had really practiced, and it showed. I am super proud.)

But that’s not enough; he’ll still be itching to get outside. (Or to watch TV inside, which is kept to a minimum at our house.) So, I know exactly how this will go: he will request a trip to the pool, I will protest because I have a lot to do at home. We get home, he will eat his snack, he will get antsy. We will go to the pool. We won’t get home until dinner time, so I never will have gotten around to any chores.

Deep Eddy… does this look refreshing or what?

Inevitably, every single time I protest because I am tired and/or have lots to do at the house and/or don’t want to deal with the production of getting everything together for the pool, once we get there I am glad to have gone, and I realize that chores can wait.

That’s the beauty of kids; they do a great job of reminding us that sometimes you just have to have some fun.

When Joseph was an infant, he was admitted to Children’s Hospital (the old Children’s, downtown). We wanted to be at the hospital as much as possible. We slept in his room even. It was impossible to do any work, difficult to stay in touch with concerned family and friends, and frankly I think our exhaustion made it harder for our son. For example, at one point I asked the nurse if she could help with the nebulizer treatment, because I couldn’t bear it anymore and couldn’t stop crying. And my anxiety was definitely affecting my son. I’m convinced this is why he has panic attacks almost anytime he needs a medical procedure, no matter how small.

What I would have given to have a Ronald McDonald Family Room. I truly believe we could have avoided so much of his anxiety – and ours. And, I’m sure you know that we have new Family Room opening at St. David’s Medical Center downtown. Check it out!

Derrick taping an interview with Robert Maxwell of KXAN in the new Ronald McDonald Family Room

Stay cool, friends!

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