Holding Water While It Rains

By Missy Strittmatter

Living in Austin we often talk about rain – our lack of it – how much we enjoy it, and how much we miss it.  We seem to be in love with rain, right up until the point where we actually have it.  You see, rain can be a both a blessing and a curse.

Woman holding umbrella and dancing with storm clouds above

I have found that I long for days when it is raining.  I can let my naturally curly hair go crazy, I seem to relax and let a small amount of the lazy rainy day seep into my bones; and it generally, at least for a moment, is cooler.  But after a while, I find I long for the sun, I typically hate getting wet – at least when I am wearing sandals – and I find it can really throw off the day since Austinites traditionally don’t know how to drive in the rain.  I learned several years ago that I can possess two opposing feelings at the same time, and both are valid.  I love the rain; I don’t love the rain.

This is similar to my life.  I love my life. It is filled with meaningful work, uplifting time with friends, and giggles from my children.  Yet at the exact same time, it is filled with deadlines, budget challenges, and that look and tone that only a five and eight-year-old can possess.  Two opposing life views: one I love, one challenges me.  But either way, they are mine.  I often tell myself that I would be bored if I wasn’t always running to catch myself.  And in reality that may be true. But I do long for a time when the work gets done by close of business, there is always a babysitter when you need one, and little boys come the first time you call them.

And just when I am soaking wet, because I am trying to hold water while it is running through my hands, I remind myself that it is this exact water that smooths my rough edges, nourishes seeds that are being planted in my soul, and makes me appreciate the sun all the more when it peers out from the clouds!

Sunshine coming through the clouds

A little light can lighten everything!

It’s those exact sunny, rainy days that parents here at the Ronald McDonald House experience every day.  Joys that their children are healing, heartache because their child is sick at all!  And it is when I feel a little cloudy, that I remember and feel blessed that being part of RMHC Austin brings a little bit of sunshine to families when they are in the midst of the storm.

Here is to a sunny, slightly rainy, dance-filled summer! Do you have a favorite rain or storm story? Please share it with us in the comments below!

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