School’s Out….Let the Summer Fun Begin!

by: Ann Jerome

Milestones come in many shapes and sizes to mark many different occasions. The end of May brings all kinds of school and summer-related milestones that our children and our families celebrate. And, this week in our family, we’re no exception!

The Jeromes (and friend Carson, the photo-bomber!)

My youngest son, Brandon, is completing 6th grade which means he starts at the Middle School at St. Andrew’s next year and that’s a “big deal” – less structure, more responsibility, a whole new school schedule and of course…tackle football. But, before I start jumping ahead to fall….it really means that like so many other students of all ages he’s finished with nightly reading, studying and all things associated with the pressure of school. And, like so many students, Brandon is thrilled to be done and looking forward to all the fun that summer will bring – like hanging out with friends, attending summer camp, and hoping for that summer growth spurt that will undoubtedly happen for so many kids before school starts in the fall.

Celebrating Baby Trenton’s two pound milestone!

At the Austin Ronald McDonald House, we too help families celebrate milestones that are even more precious than school years or summer vacations. One family, the Talkingtons, pop open a champagne bottle and take fun photos every time their baby crests another pound on the NICU scales – a big milestone for their son who at birth weighed in at 1lb. 3 ounces. Now, that’s a big deal!

So, congratulations to all of the graduates in your life! Cheers to the milestones you and your family are celebrating this spring and thanks for supporting  RMHC-Austin as we share in the memories and milestones of so many great kids and wonderful families!

What milestone is your family celebrating? Share it with us in the comments below!

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2 Responses to School’s Out….Let the Summer Fun Begin!

  1. I love this photo of Trenton’s grandpa – and the way this family has chosen to celebrate.

  2. Elizabeth Williams says:


    What a great, happy photo of your family!!
    You have a wonderful summer ahead both
    at home and at work!
    Thanks for all you do for RMHC!
    My best wishes for the Talkington family!!


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