by Jan Gunter

Yesterday I took my mother to a doctor’s appointment. I took off a few hours work, drove an hour to her house, and we took care of her medical business. We had a good time together, and she shared with me some fresh, organic vegetables that her neighbors had delivered to her house earlier in the morning. Yum!  I spent some time admiring her beautiful gardens, and we talked baseball. (Go Rangers!)

Jan Gunter and her mother, Beth

Here’s a picture I took with my mother last December.

It was good mother-daughter time, although brief and focused on a trip to the doctor. I always enjoy spending time with my mother. I’m glad we live close enough to see each other frequently. I’m glad for phone calls, text messages and Facebook updates that keep us connected  – and a shared love of the Texas Rangers. (How about Josh Hamilton?!) We’ll be enjoying a pretty casual Mother’s Day dinner together Saturday night with my siblings, and we hope to be talking about the Rangers’ win over the Angels earlier that day. Life is good.


I just talked with a mom this week whose firstborn is in the NICU. This is not the way she thought her baby’s first months would be – hooked up to monitors and tubes. Not surprisingly, she has spent much of the last few months at the hospital and the Ronald McDonald Family Room there, and also not surprisingly, her mother has been involved every step of the way. That’s the way it often is with mothers and our children. We’re there for our kids when they need us, and as we grow older, our kids are there for us.

Mothers, babies, grandmothers, grown “children”: It’s all part of the cycle. Being a mother is a lifetime proposition, and we who are mothers wouldn’t have it any other way!

We sent out a Mother’s Day email earlier this week noting that mothers at the Ronald McDonald House and Family Rooms will spend this Sunday in the hospital – not in a nice restaurant or on a fun outing – because that’s where their children are. We are here to help mothers stay strong when their children are facing tough medical issues, just as I was there to take my mother to an important appointment yesterday, and just as my mother has been there with me every step of the way. That’s what mothers (and their children) do!

What will you be doing with your mother (or children) on Mother’s Day?

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2 Responses to Mother

  1. Jane Baxter Lynn says:

    Thank you, Jan, for reminding us how fortunate we are to have our mothers and how important it is to make time to share life with them, whether they live close by or far away as mine does. Will be thinking positive thoughts for all of you at the hospital tomorrow with your children or other family member.

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