Thanks A Million!

by Brian Zunker and Jan Gunter

Yesterday Dedee Cline drove with her three wonderful children from San Angelo to the Ronald McDonald House in Austin to make a special delivery. (Have you ever driven from San Angelo to Austin? It’s a bit of a drive!) Dedee is a teacher at Lee Middle School in San Angelo, and she had challenged her sister, who teaches at Derby Middle School in Wichita, Kansas, see which school could collect a million pull tabs by April 28 for the Ronald McDonald Houses in Austin and in Wichita.

Both schools reached their goal!!
Yesterday the Clines delivered one million pull tabs to us!

I heard someone say, “I would have hated to count them.” Probably true now, but when I was in middle school, I would have LOVED the challenge of such a project, and I would definitely have wanted to count them! Obviously Ms. Cline and her sister know something about middle schoolers and their competitive nature.

Dedee Cline's school, Lee Middle School, in San Angelo, TX, donated one million pull tabs to the Ronald McDonald House in Austin
The Cline children came with their mom from San Angelo to deliver one million pull tabs.
Mariah Cline

Mariah Cline at the Ronald McDonald House

This whole idea started because when Mariah Cline needed to be in an Austin hospital for medical treatment four years ago, the Cline family stayed here at the Ronald McDonald House. For four years they have been wanting to do something big to show their gratitude. Now that’s what I call paying it forward!

So – what do we do with all these pull tabs?? We simply recycle them for the cost of the aluminum. This money helps ensure that families can be near their hospitalized children. You can see more photos of pull tab collections for Ronald McDonald Houses all across the country on our Pinterest site.

One million pull tabs end to end would stretch 16.75 miles. A million pull tabs calculates to about 789.27 pounds. A million of anything is something to celebrate, and we thank you, Lee Middle School, Derby Middle School, Ms. Cline, and your wonderful children for this amazing feat!

This is such a fabulous story of giving back that we wanted to share it with you today. What do you think?

Brian Zunker is a House Manager and is responsible for the great photo and story of the Cline family and their wonderful delivery of pull tabs. Brian enjoys promoting donations and volunteer happenings on his shifts at the Ronald McDonald House.

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