Share Your Memories of this Spectacular Night

By Stacey Harrell

Group photo

There were nearly 900 smiling guests who attended

It has been 48 hours since the 23rd Annual Bandana Ball ended and it is still at the forefront of my mind. Not just because it was my turn to submit a blog post, but because I’ve spent the majority of the last 48 hours editing pictures, speaking with media and responding to congratulation emails, texts and tweets expressing their pleasure with the event.

Volunteers working

Volunteers work hard to prepare for the big night

It took an army of volunteers, a year of planning and thousands of hours, but RMHC Austin did it once again and we are thrilled you are all pleased and want to see and hear more about it.

Boys with cowboy hats

The boys’ mom, Christy shared their story of when they stayed at the Ronald McDonald House

Over the next few days and weeks check back to the Bandana Ball page on the Ronald McDonald House website and keep up with their Facebook page for links to photos, media coverage and more.

UT Cowboy

The UT Cowboys volunteered as bid spotters

Use this forum to share your Bandana Ball experience and email me your photos so I can put them on the RMHC Austin Flickr page. It was a night that no one person’s viewpoint can capture, so please help us tell the story.

Ladies posing with bid numbers

The generous guests came out strong during the auction. RMHC Austin raised about $409,000 through Bandana Ball 2012!

Stacey Harrell has photographed the Bandana Ball for RMHC Austin the last two years. She also served again this year on the Bandana Ball committee as the PR co-chair.  She is a photographer who works almost solely with non-profits, and she covers Austin’s Society and Event scene for West Austin News. Check out her work at

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2 Responses to Share Your Memories of this Spectacular Night

  1. Stacey Harrell says:

    Thanks Ann. Working with you, the staff, the Board and the volunteers is something I enjoy immensely. Congratulations on such a successful event!

  2. Ann Jerome says:

    Love it Stacey – thank you so much for your efforts on Bandana Ball and for supporting all things RMHC-Austin!!! You captured the fun of the night perfectly!!!

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