10,000 Views – What a milestone!

by Jan Gunter

Yesterday we had our 10,000th view on this blog!



We launched our blog in February 2011 with the help of our intern Amber Fricke, and we set out to do something a bit different for a nonprofit blog. It was certainly hard to conceive then that we would ever have 10,000 views!!

We intentionally do not replicate content, so what you see here is fresh. We have a cast of nine writers on our staff plus a number of guest bloggers who have written some interesting and very moving posts.

We even have a simple, secret formula. Each writer begins from a personal perspective, and if you’ve read more than a few of our posts you will realize that the personality of the staffer or guest really comes through. Then the writer connects their personal perspective or story back into the mission of RMHC Austin. We are real people working at this real place making a real difference in the lives of families when their children are in Austin hospitals. So whether we are posting cool photos from our special events (this week) or writing about Mikey and Life Cereal (our most read blog post), or sharing stories about our families, life milestones or quirky interests – we are always ALSO at work to raise funds and provide a comforting space for families near their hospitalized children.

Thanks for reading and helping us help so many families! We’d love to hear from you, so please post a note in our comments section below and let us know how you came to read our blog. We promise to respond!

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