Summer, Summer, Summer Time!

by Derrick Lesnau

4/11/13 Update: Summer Volunteer Program – Apply today!

First, I gotta promote our NEW Ronald McDonald Family Room:
We will open our 3rd Ronald McDonald Family Room in June 2012 inside of St. David’s Medical Center and we are looking for 30 volunteers to staff this room from 9am-9pm, 7 days a week.  Volunteers provide the warm and caring presence that makes the Ronald McDonald Family Room such an incredible source of support for families with babies being treated in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).  Apply to become a Family Room Volunteer and help give families a place to rest and recoup during their new babies’ time in the hospital.

Okay, I know it’s only the beginning of March, but I have to say this past weekend made me excited that winter is darn near over and Summer is fast approaching.  Some of you might read this and think:  Well what about Spring?  If you live in Austin, then you know that yes, Spring is nice, but it only lasts 1-2 weeks here in the ATX.  So it’s kinda hard to get excited for Spring.  It’s too short to get excited about, so I’m onto looking forward to Summer Time.  The Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout.

BBQ’s by the pool, running around Town Lake, beautiful Austin women in boots & sundresses and boating on Lake Austin make Summer my favorite time of year by far.  I would reference Lake Travis here too, but it’s more of a pond at the moment and I don’t see it recovering anytime soon unfortunately.  Now some of you may say, “but Derrick, why do you prefer 105 degree heat over Winter?”  Derrick grew up in Texas Heat and actually enjoys it.  Derrick doesn’t like cold weather.  Derrick lives in Austin for a reason.  Sorry, I just went into a T.O./Ocho-Cinco mode of referring to myself in the 3rd person.  Won’t happen again.

This past weekend’s weather here in Austin (during the day) was pretty sweet.  I played a soccer game on Saturday then followed that up with a round of golf – if you can even call my game “golf” (my apologies to all you golfers that actually know what you’re doing).  Then I woke up on Sunday and played another soccer game.  Heck, I almost wanted to continue with more soccer scrimmages and practices it was so nice.  Not a game, talkin’ ’bout practice!  The days were sunny with few clouds and just enough wind to bring a crisp feel to the air.  I just wanted to be outside the entire time and even got a little color for the first time since last summer.  Trust me, nobody needs to see me and my Powder-like appearance during winter.  With blue skies and the warm Central Texas sun kissin your skin, how can you not get excited?

Here at the Ronald McDonald House, it’s always fun to see parents get excited too.  Their excitement isn’t coming from the weather outside, but instead comes from their children who are undergoing treatment.  We experience this excitement anytime their children make progress in their treatments or progress towards moving out of the ICU into a regular room or ultimately being discharged and getting to go home again.  This excitement beams out of these parents’ eyes & smiles and I always enjoy shaking their hands and wishing them well when they get to check-out of the Ronald McDonald House.  It excites me to see these parents and children get to go home…..even more than Summer Time excites me.

What do you like best about summer?


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3 Responses to Summer, Summer, Summer Time!

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  2. MB says:

    Where did you get that picture with the guy jumping into water at sunset? I want to re-post it somewhere but I am not sure who to give credit to.

    • rmhcaustin says:

      We have tried to find the source of that photo as well, but have been unable to. It is used extensively on a lot of sites, but I haven’t found who to attribute it to. Let me know if you figure it out!

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