What can’t I accomplish with an Intern?

From Missy

Photo of interns

Spring 2012 interns doing it all!

I – I is for incredible.  My four interns are fast paced, flexible, willing and proactive.

We are Interns, hear us roar!

N – N is for Nimble.  In the fast paced environment of the Special Events office, you have to be able to go with the flow and get ‘er done as we say and all four of them, yes four of them, are just that.

T– T is for Talented.  My interns each bring their own unique talent from making the ask, thinking not just outside of the box but outside of the entire building, creative web design and generally keeping me from losing my mind.

Always outside the box!

E – E is for Excellence.  Each of my interns brings a high level of excellence to their post.  They never give just what is required, they always bring their A game and they have given me far more than I could ever give them.

R – R is for Renaissance.  Each of my interns has turned into Renaissance women.  What they didn’t bring with them, they are quickly picking up and with some luck will leave their post richer for this experience. I know I will!

N – N is for Needed.  I realized this semester I have formed a near addiction to my interns. We are doing some amazing work in the special events office that I know 100% would not be done if it were not for them.  And I am so very grateful.

So to all my interns, Thank You!  To all those who want to bring their A game, to a much needed position, where we strive for excellence, and where you will mix it up with some incredibly talented, nimble, dare I say Renaissance people, I am taking applications now for Summer Interns! Check out some other blog posts by and about our interns.

Don’t just sing it, bring it!

photo of interns

RMHC interns pose in our Community Room

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One Response to What can’t I accomplish with an Intern?

  1. Derrick says:

    Your Interns are great but couldn’t do what they’ve learned to do without your leadership. Great job, MIssy to you and your team for all the great events we have. I can’t wait to ride the mechanical bull after a few cowboy cocktails at this year’s Bandana Ball.

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