Superbowl Sunday: There’s a Game?

by Derrick Lesnau

Did anybody happen to catch this past Sunday’s football game?  If not, then you missed a heckuva football game.  That was the only good aspect of the Superbowl though.  It always amazes me how there are so many other aspects to Superbowl Sunday that have nothing to do with actual football.  Like Jan referenced in her most recent post [(Psst.) We have SUPER news], the majority of us share a fascination and interest in all those other aspects like the commercials and halftime shows.  I’ve even heard of superbowl parties that solely focus on the commercials and halftime show.

Except, of course, for the Ronald McDonald House Charities Commercial, this year’s commercials were a big disappointment in my opinion.  Why couldn’t they have learned from a Golden Girl and her candy?  And remaining consistent with the recent trend, the halftime show consisted of some washed-up musician (time to hang it up, Material Girl) looking for their last 15 minutes of fame forced to share the stage with current pop-stars who are pouting because they weren’t the headliner.  And of course, there’s always at least 1 ambitious “musician” (enter MIA) who thinks they can make a name for themselves by doing something outlandish in hopes that the next morning’s water cooler chatter will be about them instead of……wait for it……the actual football game.  It made me realize the focus has become centered on the entire spectacle of Superbowl Weekend instead of the battle between 2 talented teams looking to win it all and claim the right to be called Champions.  I guess with all the hub-bub surrounding the final game of the NFL season, it’s easy to lose focus of the football game itself.

At times, it can also be easy to lose focus of what’s important here at the Ronald McDonald House.  Whenever appliances break down or we experience technical difficulties with our database or website or whatever else goes wrong throughout the day, it’s easy to focus on these peripheral issues and lose sight of our main purpose:  Providing a supportive and comfortable environment for RMHC guests during their children’s medical care.  Everything else is expensive commercials and wardrobe “malfunctioning” halftime shows.


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4 Responses to Superbowl Sunday: There’s a Game?

  1. Jane Rose says:

    I’m among the “watch it for the commercials only” group unless I have a personal interest in the game. But the Cowboys haven’t been in it for a long time, so…. But I agree that this year’s ads weren’t nearly as good as past years. I missed the Clydesdales playing football, but my favorite of all time was the Coca Cola Mean Joe Greene ad. (this is the long version ) Have a Coke and a smile!

    • Derrick says:

      Yeah, that’s a great commercial. And it has been parodied so many times by several other ads. Guess it’s true: Imitation is the best form of flattery.

  2. Jan says:

    I remember when I first interviewed here and Kent, said, “The families always come first, no matter what project you’re working on.”

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