Calling all interns

Lauren Slatko

by Jan Gunter

It’s that time of year again! Time to recruit interns!

Amber Fricke

Internships around here have evolved in one year from somewhat “accidental” into a well-developed program with six positions. It all started last year when in one semester two different university students contacted us wanting internships, and I happily brought on Amber Fricke and Meagan McCowen to intern in the spring. At the same time we also had a video intern, Guillermo Jimenez, so suddenly I was managing three interns, having never really done this before.

Mary Fisher

What a great experience it turned out to be!

Meagan and Karishma with their new friend, Ronald.

Amber helped us launch our blog, Guillermo worked on several great video projects, and Meagan created major communications pieces for Bandana Ball. After that intern-rich semester, we decided to be more intentional about recruiting interns, and we had at least ten interns in 2011. Several of them have written guest blog posts for us.

Rachel Hoffman

Now we all love having interns so much that we don’t want to be without them, and we keep coming up with awesome new positions as we think strategically about how our needs and the needs of university students can be met at the same time.

Lauren and Guillermo

Lauren and Guillermo

We give interns a great experience so they can learn a lot about the day to day operations of a nonprofit – whether that is checking families in and out, writing press releases, running a social media campaign or working with one of our fundraising events. From all reports, our interns have a great experience with us, learn a lot, and look back on the internship as significant in their educational experience. Interns here have the opportunity to be involved in the work we do with families every day, supporting these families while they deal with their child’s hospitalization.

Olivia Koshy

So – if you are seeking an internship or know of someone who is, please send them our way! We have one position filled, two more most likely filled, and three open as I write.

Crystal Porter

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4 Responses to Calling all interns

  1. Amber Fricke says:

    I’m proud to be an accidental intern and couldn’t recommend the experience highly enough! Anyone given the opportunity is truly a privileged individual.

    • Jan Gunter says:

      You were the first official communications intern, Amber, and what a great start! No wonder we love interns around here. Thanks for continuing to read our posts!

  2. Ann Jerome says:

    So fun to take a walk down Intern Memory Lane!! We’ve been blessed with some fabulous folks!!

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