I Hope The Mayans Were Wrong

by Derrick Lesnau

Ok, so 2012 is just beginning but let the onslaught of the End of the World predictions and doomsday forecasts begin.  The Mayan Calendar predicts December 21, 2012 as the end of the world and of course there are plenty of sheople (sheep + people) that will follow along and warn all of us non-believers that we better have our affairs in order before that date.


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and predict 12/21/12 will come and go uneventfully, minus a few cult-like punch-drinking parties around the world.  I’m not drinking that kool-aid.  I still consider myself fairly young, but I’ve heard my fill of end-of-the-world predictions.  Every year it seems like somebody “knows” that the End of Days is coming soon.  Newsflash:  It will happen unexpectedly and I’m pretty sure nobody knows when or how it will happen.  Hopefully I’m 6-feet under by then.

Similarly, most parents do not know when their child will become ill or sustain injury.  When this happens, it can often feel like the end of the world to these parents and their children suddenly and unexpectedly require hospitalization.  Thanks to the great donors and volunteers of RMHC, these families are offered a comfortable and supportive place to stay during this stressful time in their lives.  Thank you to all those that gave to RMHC this past year.  You truly are the reason RMHC can continue to do what we do.  Happy New Year and here’s to seeing the sun rise on 12/22/12!


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4 Responses to I Hope The Mayans Were Wrong

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  2. Jan Gunter says:

    Nicely said, Derrick!

  3. Derrick says:

    I would have to agree with that decision.

  4. Ann Jerome says:

    Nicely said Derrick. No room for “Chicken Little’s here – nothing but calm and steady. My mom and I were just talking about his last night – no new car for her this year just in case the world will end, she’d rather spend her money on a 2nd Superbowl trip for the Saints!! woo hoo!!!

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