Success By the Numbers

by Jane Rose

Our Lights of Love 5K on Dec. 2 was a HUGE success because of all of YOU! Maybe you didn’t personally run or walk in it, but your support of RMHC Austin shone through in so many ways, which I now realize I can’t really count.

Paula (at left) volunteers at our House and helped with a lot of details for the 5K!

We had countless volunteers who helped with distribution of the racer’s packets, setting up the race route, at the water stops along the route, at the home base for the events at the hangar, and so on. So I can’t put a number to that. I do know we had several regular volunteers from the House and our Family Rooms who participated. Some are shown in my blog here.

Kaeley volunteers at our DCMC Family Room.

The support from all of our donors who were involved in putting on the race was priceless, so I can’t give you a number for that either. But I can tell you some of the superlatives from our race teams. Caleb’s Army raised over $5,500, making them the team that raised the most funds. Pediatric Dental Professionals (also known as the “Super W” team) was our biggest team with 180 members. Altogether, over 3,000 adults, kids and dogs participated in the 5K, making it our most well attended 5K yet. Take a few moments to check out all the photos – there are some great ones and if you were there, you might even find yourself in one!

This was a good chunk of Caleb's Army.

But the big number that means the most to us is that we now know that just over $210,000 was raised from the 5K this year. That’s ASTOUNDING! And we are so grateful to everyone who helped make that happen. This enables us to keep helping all of the families who need us and means they can make the most of the services that we offer. Thank you SO much for whatever part YOU played in making this success possible! Happy Holidays to all and here’s to a merry and bright New Year ahead for everyone!

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One Response to Success By the Numbers

  1. Jan Gunter says:

    Jane, thanks for pointing out the incredible efforts by volunteers to make the Lights of Love 5K possible.

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