It’s a Small World, Part II

by Jane Rose

A few weeks ago, I attempted to put this song into your head with my blog.  But I wanted to share an example of what a small world it really can be by sharing a note I recently received.

A good friend of mine from Longhorn Singers from my college days (Hi, Luis!) emailed me to share a note he received from a church friend about their stay at the Cincinnati RMH.  To paraphrase part of it, Bea says about the Cincinnati House, “They provide support and encouragement.  There is a sense of community with families sharing their stories and becoming friends – Jay had to leave Friday and this weekend I did not feel alone or isolated.  We have met other families, some in the same boat, others fighting a much more serious fight.  It has renewed our hope and given us strength.  There is no place else like Ronald McDonald House.”

Last year's amazing cake from A Trip to Bountiful

She certainly felt the power of “the small world” there.   As did I when Luis shared their story and told me that he, his wife, Le, and their dog Avery, will be participating in our Lights of Love 5K on Bea’s team, Caleb’s Army.

When I emailed Bea to ask about sharing their story in my blog, she welcomed me to and added that she thought I knew one of her husband’s relatives who’d also joined their team.  Turns out that I do…she was one of my former Weight Watchers leaders! (Hi, Ann!)

It’s great to see how many people are planning to participate in our Lights of Love 5K and I’m looking forward to seeing how many other people who I know come out to the event.  I hope you’ll be one of those folks!  I’m certainly not running but I’ll be around the entertainment and activities someplace, probably with my camera in hand.  Or maybe somewhere near the cake!

You just never know who you’re going to connect with or how at any given time…it really is a small world after all! (and there’s that pesky song again!)

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