No small gifts

By Kent Burress

It’s end of year fundraising time in a big part of the non-profit world.  Most of the organizations that aren’t already in the money raising mode are gearing up to join the fray.   On the board of  Animal Trustees of Austin we are raising funds to make certain there is a safety net of vet care for pets  – regardless of their owner’s ability to pay.   At St. James’ Episcopal School we’St. James' Episcopal Schoolre kicking off the Annual Campaign to raise funds so that an excellent early childhood education is accessible even when money is tight for a family – there’s no greater promise for long term success than a solid early childhood education.  My church is putting the finishing touches on the annual stewardship drive and this year they even threw in a capital campaign for good measure.  And of course, we are cranking out our big end of the year campaign at the Ronald McDonald House so that parents can be near their hospitalized children during some very frightening times–regardless of their ability to pay.

So needless to say, a lot of people are ignoring my calls and avoiding me as much as possible because they know there’s a strong likelihood that a hello is going to be followed by a help!   Today I got a note from a friend who wasn’t able to dodge me and had made a donation to Animal Trustees of Austin.  She said she was happy to support such great work and that she was sorry her gift was so small. 

She thought her gift was small.  When there is great need, there is noAnimal Trustees of Austin small gift. 

To an injured pup it is no small thing to have a broken leg mended.  There is nothing small about providing a nourishing breakfast so that a hungry child can start off the school day with a full tummy.  For a very frightened child it is certainly not a small thing to be able to reach out and feel the touch of a parent’s hand while lying in a hospital bed.

Ronald McDonald House When there is great need, there are no small gifts.  So do what you can and never question the power of the gift you give.  Never doubt the difference you will make.


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4 Responses to No small gifts

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  2. Jan Gunter says:

    You are so right, Kent! When the widow in the New Testament put in her mite, Jesus said she had given “everything”. Thanks for the very poignant reminder that there are no small gifts!

  3. Beverly Seffel says:

    I agree with Laura…. she said it best! Thanks for starting our week off right.

  4. Laura says:

    The last paragraph is extremely moving and very true! What a wonderful way to start the week. Thank you!

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