Topic Conundrum!

By Claire

I can’t decide on today’s topic. My ideas:

Halloween. The obvious choice and as the parent of 8-year-old, I have plenty of material.  Cuteness, candy, and such.

The arrival of autumn. Okay, not much material there, except for observing that the new definition of “cool” weather is actually pretty dang warm.

The Longhorns. Actually, that’s Jane Rose’s territory, so best not.

Blogging. The challenge of coming up with topic on Monday morning.     Oh, that’s what I’m writing about right now.

(350 – our recommended word count – words minus 84 equals 266 to go.)

I’ll go with Halloween, in a very indirect way.

Here’s the back story:

Back in 2003, pregnant with my son, I took prenatal yoga at Yoga Yoga. A great experience; I was surprisingly mobile throughout the pregnancy. But the best result? Becoming friends with a group of funny, smart, and truly kind mamas I now consider sisters.

Today, in 2011, there are eight of us. We are obsessively organized. We have a calendar with the dates of our biweekly ladies’ nights and who is assigned to set the venue (plus a backup planner). We include annual events, including weekend retreats, the December holiday dinner, and the December cocktail party with our spouses. We live by this calendar.

Here’s the Halloween tie-in:

One of my favorite family events is our Halloween party. This was one of the first parties where we gelled as a group. We have a picture of the kids, none of whom could sit up yet, laid out on the carpet in adorable costumes. (Alas, I’m sure there will come a day when the kids will be desperate for us to abandon this particular tradition.)

Over the years, the Yoga Mamas became more than a social club. We are a support network we can count on. If one of us has a sick kid in the hospital, we bring food and visits. If one of us is sick? Food and visits. Usually one person is assigned to manage the delivery schedule. When I had surgery earlier this year that support was invaluable. My husband and son were well fed, and I certainly appreciated the delivery of illicit candy bars.

Support.  Such a simple word something so invaluable.

And now, at the Ronald McDonald House, we have a new family support group on Thursdays for parents, families, and caregivers with a child in medical care. If you have a child at Dell Children’s, all you have to do is walk across the street. For others, our central location is super easy to get to. The group will meet in the Community Room.

Support. That’s what the Ronald McDonald House is about.

456 words. Whoops, too long!

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6 Responses to Topic Conundrum!

  1. rmhcaustin says:

    Joseph is the one without a cute costume. I think he had some sort of pumpkin hat.

    I love the idea of getting the kids to on the floor in their costumes this year. We’d probably have to bribe them though.

  2. Jan Gunter says:

    Babies lined up in Halloween costumes – greatest photo ever!!

  3. Ann Jerome says:

    Love it! Which little baby is Joseph??!!!

  4. Jane Rose says:

    Do the kids still have to lie on the floor in their costumes? That would be worth the price of admission! =)

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