Feel Incredible Today!

“By Beverly Seffel”

When I was at the Lower Colorado River Authority I had the honor of handing out funds donated by the employees to nonprofit organizations throughout Central Texas.  Today my roles has reversed, and I am now responsible for educating communities through Central Texas about Ronald McDonald House Charities of Austin and Central Texas.

Yesterday I was in the beautiful Hill Country in Marble Falls with women who make it their mission to support organizations like ours.   It’s obvious my role has now changed from giving to receiving – to asking individuals and organizations in these communities to support the care we provide to their children. I am offering people an opportunity to feel good and to do something good for others.  They have the right to say No, but when they say, “Yes”, it’s a feeling that you can’t compare to anything else.

For me, I want to enjoy that feeling while I’m here and see the service it provides.  I want to experience the fulfillment that making a difference gives me.  When I first started at the House, one of the staff members told me it’s an honor to work here.  I was puzzled and didn’t know at the time what she meant.

Today I too feel it is an honor to work at the House and to tell people what we do and how they can be a part of this important mission.  I hope those of you reading this will find your passion and extend a hand. The feeling is incredible.  Have an incredible day!

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One Response to Feel Incredible Today!

  1. Jan Gunter says:

    Thanks for being out there every day helping people know how much this place means to so many families, Bev!

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