When surgery becomes routine

By Missy

Today I am writing my blog from home as my youngest sleeps off anesthesia from his third round of tubes.  Third time’s a charm they tell us.  It is amazing how different the third time is compared with the first, especially since we have added adenoids and tonsils to the mix.  I honestly can’t tell you if it is a good thing or a bad thing that we are on a first name basis with the lovely nurses at the surgery center.

Smaller than Honest Abe's face!

Bad maybe because we have been there 5 times – one for every year he has been born.  But perhaps it’s a good thing because of what something as tiny as tubes can actually do.  Now I have become convinced that tubes are a modern medical miracle.  Have you ever seen one of these things?  They’re incredible!

Before we proceed however, it is true confession time.  I have had tubes 5 times; three as a child and twice as an adult. I can clearly remember when my tube fell out in the 3rdgrade and I took it to school in a Sucrets box and told one of the boys there it was a grasshopper heart, to which he screamed and ran away, only encouraging me to run after him, unknowingly with the lid open, thus losing what clearly was the golden ticket to one upping the boys on the play ground.

Throat Lozenges. Grasshopper Heart. You pick!

Today I was reminded once again how this little piece of medical ingenuity can do more than what it was designed for.  I didn’t want to take for granted how lucky I am to have the ability to get my child tubes.  One I am blessed with a great job and good insurance.  I have a great doctor.  And getting tubes was the biggest medical issue I was facing.  How lucky were we?  It was so fast to get this done; it was almost like drive through surgery.

But today I also allowed one of my closest friends to come with me, something I hadn’t done before and it was nice.  She brought coffee and breakfast tacos.  When I had to step away from my son for a minute, she was there with him and I didn’t have to worry.  She brought her youngest daughter with her who played games with my son and as a reward went home with some special “nurses” paper to play with because she wants to be a nurse.  I have to say her bedside manner is already perfect.  I go to a

Dixie was one cool nurse!

great church and shared on our prayer chain what was happening and out of the blue I had 5 different people email me that they prayed for my son.  No matter what your religion, it is nice knowing people are praying to their god for your child.

So did it do what it was designed to do, yes.  Within a couple of hours, the pressure was gone, his hearing had improved and I know we should be ear ache free for at least a year.  But these incredibly small, delicate, medical miracles called tubes, also reminded me that I have a strong support system, sometimes surprisingly so.  It reminded me to say yes when friends ask to come, no matter where I am going.  And to give thanks that my children’s medical conditions seem to be solved in doctor’s offices and 15 minute drive by procedures.

I know the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House don’t always get medical days like I did today, but tonight when my children and I say our prayers, we will pray that all our RMHC families have tube days just like we had today.

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4 Responses to When surgery becomes routine

  1. ann says:

    Nice job Missy – good boy Finn! Here’s to clear sailing –

  2. Jan Gunter says:

    Missy – great perspective on your tube surgery experience today. I’m glad things went well and that it was a time to realize how amazing those tiny things are! We’ve had some tube experiences in our family as well, so I know well whereof you speak.

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