Partners Outside Austin – Appreciate the House

by Beverly Seffel

Yesterday I was talking to a dad who lives outside Austin and who has been staying at the House for more than a month. He was sharing with me how grateful they were to be here.  That staying at the House had save them hundreds and hundreds of dollars in gas alone.

Today I was in San Marcos and two older individuals shared with me that many many years ago they had friends with ill children who had stayed with us and at another Ronald McDonald House and how much they were helped by our services.   It still has an impact on these individuals.

People always say to me  “Thank You For What You are Doing”, I tell them it’s an honor to work at the House and to remember, we can’t do what we do without them or you!

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One Response to Partners Outside Austin – Appreciate the House

  1. Jan Gunter says:

    Bev, I was just talking with a mom yesterday as well, and the House is making such a difference for her in some very challenging times. It’s great to be here doing this work. We have such wonderful supporters, and “Thank You” is the only thing to say!

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