The absent child

Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh!

By Missy Strittmatter

This past week my oldest son has been away at camp and everyone here at the Ronald McDonald House has been enduring my daily maternal neuroses regarding how he is doing, what he is wearing and the kicker of whether or not he wore his glasses. Dear God, did he remember to wear his glasses?

In the same space I am equally proud of him for wanting to go off on his own to spend time hanging with the guys and seemingly having a great time doing it and my

Camp or Crazy?

overwhelming motherly worries of whether or not he is alright, if he is having fun, or if camp will breakdown into a Lord of the Flies movie trailer.

The thing that struck me today was deep down I know he is alright and I am just being a worrisome mom.  Now that is Ok, this is our first year doing camp, so some of that is to be expected.  But what got me was the realization that I still found myself on edge, fretting and feeling a bit off center even though I knew he was in a safe place having the time of his life.  What condition would I be in if I wasn’t sure if he was alright, if he was healthy, if he was getting the treatment he needed, much like the parents that stay with us, here at the Ronald McDonald House.

And for the first time I felt like I had a small glimpse of what it must be like to not be able to be with your child when they are undergoing medical treatment.  And I was recommitted to the effort to ensure RMHC Austin is always able to provide a place for families to be with their children when they need medical treatment.  Yeah camp, Yeah moms, Yeah Ronald McDonald House.

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5 Responses to The absent child

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  2. cheryl says:

    Let Dane know that Mei Li has been wearing her glasses all of the time and her new vision test showed that her vision Improved!! because of it. So she won’t have a lazy eye if she keeps up the good work.

  3. Kent Burress says:

    Yeah Dane, Yeah Missy, Yeah Camp!!

  4. ann jerome says:

    Love it!! I’m sending this to James at camp so he can see all will be well for this first year mom!!!

  5. Jane Rose says:

    At least he wore his glasses a couple of confirmed times that you know of! You know things will be alright, but you put your thoughts down beautifully – thanks for sharing!

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