By Derrick Lesnau

Is it just me or does today’s date just make you want to run to the nearest convenient store for a cherry slurpee and some nachos…..and maybe a six pack or a lottery ticket since you’re there anyway.  And add on that 10-lb sack of ice for 99 cents…..it’s hot out there.

The 7-Eleven Convenient Store is the oldest and original “convenient store”.  I won’t go into the entire history of the convenient store concept, but I will tell you it began in Texas….as all good things do.  What a great idea:  a store down the block that you can walk to and that sells most of the basic groceries and household items you need on a daily basis.  Granted, the quality is probably a bit lower and the price is a bit higher than if you made the trek to an actual grocery store for the same items.  But, does the big grocery store offer 2-month old hotdogs (heated by a light bulb while on metal rollers) and gi-normous frozen drinks that can make your brain feel like it was punched by Iron Mike?  Not likely.  Game, Set, Match:  7-Eleven

The Convenience Factor is the selling point of the 7-Eleven stores (and the many other Kwik-E-Mart spin-offs).  Convenience is something that families at the RMH do not have the luxury of during their children’s treatments.  There’s nothing convenient about being away from your home and family & friends while your child is battling some injury or illness.  For these families staying at the RMH, we do our best to provide them with support and some household necessities during a time when everything is quite inconvenient.

Next time you pass your local convenient store, take a second to appreciate the fact that we live in a society that can afford such a concept.  And then think of those in our community that are dealing with situations that are anything but convenient.


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6 Responses to 7-Eleven

  1. ann jerome says:

    This is awesome – great connection and mental imagery for what the families here go through. anything but convenient –

    • Derrick says:

      It’s good to keep in mind that even though we’re “conveniently located” next to the hospital, there’s nothing convenient about the families’ circumstances.

  2. Jan Gunter says:

    Derrick – we used to walk down a few blocks to the 7-Eleven in the summer, and it was the greatest thing ever – such a treat!! Thanks for the memory. And thanks for the very clear reminder of what a luxury “convenience” is.

  3. Jane says:

    Well said. And now I’m craving a Slurpee. On their birthday, which happens to be today not coincidentally, they do give them away – in 7.11oz sizes – for free.

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