Father’s Day

by Claire Mathias

In case you hadn’t noticed from the rows upon rows of cards in the stores and the non-stop advertising, Father’s Day is this Sunday. So, of course, that has to be the theme for today’s blog.

However, as I sat down to write, I realized that I should probably write a little bit more than “Dads are great, happy Father’s Day!” and so on and so forth. So, I headed to the kitchen for some motivational coffee. Looking around and thinking about how many fathers we see staying at the house, I wondered what this Father’s Day will be like for them.

Can you imagine being a new father with a premature baby in the NICU? Under normal circumstances, it takes awhile to adjust to fatherhood. Those feelings of protectiveness and love can be pretty overwhelming. Even the toughest of the tough guys are prone to tears when their baby is born. How to process the newness of those feelings with the added intensity of having a child in the hospital?

Whether it’s nature or nurture, men feel feel like they need to be a protector to their offspring. That’s a challenge when your child is in the hospital, their health in the hands of others. I remember a father who was checking out last week. He and his wife stayed here when their premature twins were in the hospital – how great that they could get respite here. The babies were now thriving so they could go home.  He was one proud papa!

If you have been following our blogs, you how proud we are to be able to provide a home away from home for our families. On this Father’s Day, I am especially glad that we can help the dads, whether they are new to parenthood, or it’s old hat by now.

Lost Creek Dads – it was a BIG gift!

Of course, we could never do this without our volunteers and donors. And this holiday reminds me of one cool group, the Lost Creek Dads Club. This past January, they stopped by with a very generous check for the house. I was really impressed with these guys, because while moms tend to make friends and organize moms groups, you don’t see that with many dads. And they raised money for the House! Hurray for them, and hurray for us!

So, say it after me, “Dads are great, happy Father’s Day!”

p.s. Last but not least, I need to make sure I give a shout out to my own father. At nearly 80 years-old, he remains hale and hearty, and for that I am grateful. Frankly, he has a lot more physical and mental stamina than I do. Thanks to his never-ending energy, not only is he a great father, but he is an outstanding grandfather. Given that my son is a very energetic seven going on eight, keeping up with that kid is no mean feat. Love ‘ya Pops!

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One Response to Father’s Day

  1. Jan Gunter says:

    Well said, Claire. Thanks for highlighting some of what it might meant to be a father at the Ronald McDonald House or Ronald McDonald Family Room. And I love the photo of your dad and son!

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