Keeping It All In Perspective

By Derrick Lesnau

I’m sure you’ve all had a day when everything seems to go wrong and it takes all your strength to not blow-up and lose your cool.  I’ve had a few days like that recently but luckily, my “Bruce Banner” side has been victorious over my Green Lou Ferrigno side and I didn’t go on any smashing rampages.

Every day I’m reminded that no matter what frustrations I encounter during the week, the families staying at the RMH deal with the stress of having a hospitalized child.  No matter how many things seem to go wrong in my day, it cannot come close to the stress and frustrations our guests deal with during their children’s treatments.  It’s a great way to keep myself grounded and keep it all in perspective.


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4 Responses to Keeping It All In Perspective

  1. Jan Gunter says:

    I love the simplicity and clarity of this thought, Derrick. Thank you for this good reminder.

  2. Jane Rose says:

    Derrick – you certainly put it in perspective for all of us. Thanks for doing that. Thanks also for the continued lessons in pop culture. I now know more about Lou Ferrigno than I ever did before, and I used to watch “The Incredible Hulk” every week when it was on, way back when. Aren’t you too young to remember the show?

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