Take me out to the ballgame…

By Jane Rose

As I write this, I’ll be headed back soon to spend another afternoon in the hot Texas sun

It was hot on the field and in the stands!

watching Longhorn baseball.  If the Horns don’t win today, our season is over.  But if we do, we’ll be back again next weekend to do this all over again.

You may wonder, “Okay, how is she going to tie baseball to the RMH?”  Easy, and thanks to my husband Tony, who figured this one out.  Being at the games and tailgating is similar, at least in a few ways.

Families who stay with us are there for a common cause: to be near their children and support them through their illness.  We’re all there for our team to try and see them through to whatever comes next.   And we’re all in it together, too.  Families at the House lean on each other for support; likewise we fans all take care of each other, too.

Robert is master of the brisket

And then there’s the food, and plenty of it.  Volunteers provide lunch and dinner every day for our families at the House.   The tailgates are definitely a production, too.  Each day has its own menu and everyone contibutes, either by bringing something, helping set up or tear down, or by a cash donation.  At our tailgate, we even have a collection jug for pull tabs to benefit the House.

Lunch is served!

Okay… now it’s time for us to go sweat some more and cheer for the Longhorns!

Hook ’em Horns!

Postgame Postscript:  It “only” hit 104º F today according to the scoreboard thermometer, but most importantly, the Horns won, so we’ll be back at it again next weekend!

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4 Responses to Take me out to the ballgame…

  1. Denise Reneau says:

    Good comparison, Jane! We’ll be out there sweating with you today!

  2. Jane Rose says:

    Most definitely! Just wish they’d beaten Kent State in their first meeting so we didn’t have to spend all day out there yesterday. It was a looong day in the heat, and back we go today!

  3. Ben Cook says:

    Hook ’em Horns!

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