Different tastes

by Danny Reyna

I have been growing lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro, onions, strawberries, parsley, and watermelons these past couple of months. I am so glad it finally rained because I collected 140 gallons of rain water to water these plants. If it had not rained, each tomato would have been worth $5.00 because of the cost of water that I was using. (It is much cheaper to buy them at HEB).

Tomatoes in my garden

When I was growing up my dad was always growing something and he always had several peach, pecan, apple, and apricot trees. My mother would can many of the vegetables and fruits. One year they had so many tomatoes that she even made catsup for everyone. And for those of you who don’t know, it takes a lot of tomatoes to make catsup.

I remember eating peach pie, peach cake, peach jam, peach ice cream, peach cobbler and anything else you can make with peaches. I ate so many peaches that for many years I could not eat peaches anymore. It has been only in the last few years that I have started to eat peaches again. My wife is the same way about pears.

I was reminded of this part of my life because we had a family to check in this week that was from an area of Texas close to where my wife and I were born. He had to head back because there was work to done back home and he had been doing a lot of canning.

Our RMH families come from so many different parts of Texas and beyond. They all bring their experiences with them and yet there is a commonality and connection among them because of that child in the hospital. I try to remember in working with “our families” that they all come from a different background and that they all do not see the world as I do. I need to treat them all differently and with respect to their differences. After all, someone has to eat the peaches.

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