Proud To Serve Our Military

Half my Heart is in Iraq

by Beverly Seffel

Even though I wasn’t in the military, I am connected through my husband, retired Capt. Joel Seffel.  It makes me proud to know that the Ronald McDonald House is serving our armed forces.   Currently we have three miliary families from Fort Hood staying at the House.  One flew back from Iraq to greet his premature baby; after a short visit of two weeks, he was back to the field.  I just left the kitchen where two new military dads were talking about the progress of their children and when each dad would have to head back.

What’s great about the House is it brings people together.  While the husbands knew of each other, none were in the same unit at Fort Hood.  While being at the House, these new mothers have created a support group to help each other through this wonderful but sometimes challenging process once they are home.

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One Response to Proud To Serve Our Military

  1. Jane Rose says:

    I’m so glad that we’re able to help our military families in their time of need. And if we can help them establish some ties they can take home with them, so much the better. Thanks, Bev, for pointing out how small a world it can be!

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