There’s no way to say thank you enough

by Jane Rose

On Wednesday night, we held a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner to, well, show our volunteers how much they are appreciated.  I had the chance to say a few words of thanks, as did Kent.

Kent’s words of thanks

Otherwise, everyone relaxed and enjoyed a terrific meal prepared by the student chefs of Technique at Le Cordon Bleu.

Head Chef for the evening, Steven Loiacano, or more simply “Chef Steven,” also said a few kind words honoring our volunteers.  He then announced that Le Cordon Bleu was happy to provide dinner at no charge to RMHC as their way of appreciating our volunteers as well.

Chef Steven (far left) surprises us with his announcement

Once I picked my jaw up off of the floor, I had to give him a big hug.  Le Cordon Bleu is a wonderful supporter of RMHC, but that surprise absolutely floored me.  So we had to add our thanks to them for such a wonderful gift as well as a great meal.  Let me also add that if you haven’t been to Technique, you should treat yourself to dinner there one night.  The food was fabulous and the students do a great job!

Dessert was awesome, too!

One volunteer, Melissa, made this comment after the dinner, “As I sat there last night looking around the room at everyone sitting at the tables laughing and eating and sharing, it dawned on me that these are the faces of everyday people…everyday people that if you saw on the streets you would never know they were volunteers nor would we ever know what size hearts they had.”  She’s right, and our volunteers do have wonderful, giving hearts!

Great people…

…having a great time!

If I continue to gush about how great our volunteers are, I’ll start getting misty again, so I’ll just let the photos show you some of their smiling faces.  If you happen to know any of them personally, give them a big pat on the back and tell them “Job well done!” because they deserve it, and much, much more.  And if you’re a volunteer who couldn’t make it to the dinner, please know that you’re appreciated that much, too.  Our Ronald McDonald House and Family Room wouldn’t be the great places they are without each and every one of our volunteers!  Alright now…where’s my tissue?

Jane Rose (keep scrolling for more photos)

Ready for dinner!

Already having fun

Stop taking photos so we can eat!

Jan loves the bread

David, Cyndi and Ann ready to dig in

Claire and Stacey look great