Sometimes Mondays are Great Days

by Missy Strittmatter

Every day is crap shoot.  You don’t know if you will roll a seven or snake eyes.  Luckily though, to mix my metaphors, it is always a do over.  Last week I had a day where I went from 100%, top of my game to mother on the edge when my seven year old informed me of something he needed for school as our car pool was pulling into the drive way.  Never mind the four year old doing his best Greg Louganis off my couch.  But I guess that is where the spice of life comes from.

But what I find so amazing is how just the act of going to bed each night, be it a full eight hours or a four and a half hour nap, can bring clarity and perspective to your day.  Now keeping with my metaphor induced blog, this is a double edge sword.  The dawn can bring clarity and focus to tasks at hand, renewed strength and vitality to conquer the day and it can also usher in the sound and fury of grief and the reality that things have spun out of control.  We have experienced a lot of both lately in my house.  I had what might have been my best Mother’s Day in the seven years I have been a mom, just days after my sister told me my new niece’s birth mother asked for her back.  Snake eyes! But even then, with time, sleep is bringing renewed hope.

Which leads me to today.  So far a seven.  I hit driving nirvana since UT is nearly out and traffic was easy.  I had NPR on during an interview with the Beastie Boys – two things I enjoy a lot.  And I had some of my amazing volunteers in the House and got to take an equally fabulous intern out to lunch to say thanks.  At this rate, my day may just go to 11!  And once again I am reminded of sleep and that today we have families here at the Ronald McDonald House sleeping and finding rest as they care for their children.   That no matter how crazy I can get, my children are

Coming out winning!

well and healthy, at least for today.  And for that I am thankful and in the words of our favorite train wreak celebrity “Winning!”

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2 Responses to Sometimes Mondays are Great Days

  1. Jan Gunter says:

    Wow, the positive energy of that post is still wafting toward me out of my computer. As one of my co-workers would say, “Fire Up, Missy!”


  2. ann jerome says:

    Nicely said Missy!!! Go lift a few reps of kettle bells and keep the day going strong!!

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